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Completion for 500 sqm plot in Sector 20 Yamuna Expressway Plots


Architectural Services:-


  1. Architectural Floor Plans.
  2. Working Drawings.
  3. Electrical Drawings.
  4. Plumbing Drawings.
  5. Building Plan Approval from YEIDA Authority Pre-Construction.
  6. Completion Certificate from YEIDA Authority Post Construction.


Construction Services:-


  1. Foundation Details: - Brick foundation Stepped Foundation to support 9” & 4” Load bearing brick walls. Stepped Foundation with 2 Layers of 14” wide brick work & 9” wide brick work till DPC.
  2. DPC: - 3” thick layer of P.C.C with 1:2:3 Cement to Dust to Gravel @ 1.5’ above the road level Mixed with anti-termite & Pest control chemicals.
  3. Walls: - Brick work for Load bearing walls to be constructed with 1st class Bricks with 1:3 Cement to Dust ratio. 9” & 4” wide brick work as per Drawings. Compound/ Boundary wall to be constructed with 4” thickness with 9” brick pillars to support of height as per Drawings.
  4. Plaster: - 25mm thick plaster with 1:2:2 Cement to Dust to Sand ratio to be used to Plaster for best and smooth surface, inside walls & all outside walls to be covered including Boundary walls.
  5. Flooring: - Plastered Flooring over a layer of 3” smashed brick to create perfect base for cemented floor.
  6. Doors & Windows: - MS Door frames & MS external doors (Without Ventilators) Z Section, MS windows frame Z Section with minimalistic grill & 4 mm thick Glass covering.
  7. Paint: - All Walls to be painted with Samosam Paint (Color of Choice), All Doors & Windows to be painted with 1 layer of Burger primer & Enamel paint (color of choice).
  8. Kitchen: - R.C.C Slab for Kitchen Counter with Cement Plaster finish.
  9. Main Gate: - 1 Main gate for Car entrance & Pedestrian to be made of MS Pipe or MS Section of 3m width. (Worth up to ₹10000/-)
  10. R.C.C Roof: - R.C.C slab roof with 1:2:3 Cement to Dust to Gravel ratio with 10mm & 12mm thick Iron Rods with crank as per drawings. Total thickness of slab to be 150mm @ 10’ height with 1 fan box in each room & minimal conducts for wiring. 
  11. Washroom: - One fully functional washroom as per authority norms with all internal piping & Drain.
  12. Rain Water Harvesting: - Bore well of depth 120’ to be provided with 1HP Submersible motor to be used for construction & Water supply & to be converted to Rain water Harvesting for C.C.
  13. Electrical: - Only Minimal electrical to be provided as per the authority norms and no permanent wiring is to be provided.


Completion 500 sqm plot YEIDA

₹2,000,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,800,000.00Sale Price
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