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Luxury Construction

Shahwalia Architect

Shahwalia Associates offers professional Completion Services for plots in Yamuna Expressway sector 18 & sector 20. Our team of experts Architects in Yamuna expressway (YEIDA) use their years of experience to provide high-quality completion services that are tailored to meet each client's individual needs.

What do we do?


Our most basic Services expands into four different categories

Completion at yamuna expressway Plots YEIDA

Completion at Yamuna Expressway Plots

Our team of Architects in Yamuna Expressway Design & get Building Approval sanction from Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority. Post that Our contractors in Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA) construct the structure as per the specification of Building Regulations 2010 & Get the completion Certificate from the authority.

Full Architecture services in YEIDA City Yamuna Expressway sector 18, 20, 22D, 17, 19

Full Architecture Services

Full Architecture Planning Services is one of the most basic services that we provide. Our Architects develop Multiple options of floor plans to give good choices to our clients. We also Develop 3D Design to help them visualize the design. Be it Residential, Commercial or Industrial we have good experience in all. 

Home, House, industry, commercial Consrtuction Services at YEIDA sector 18, 20, 22D, 17, 19, Yamuna expressway

Construction Services

Our team of most experienced contractors first visit the site and meet the clients in order to get good understanding of their needs. With the help of our Architects we develop the structure that is exactly what our clients dreamed of. Be it any type of construction, Residential, Commercial or Industrial, or any location such as Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad or Yamuna Expressway, we are very well equipped to get the job done. 

Interior Designing services in yeida, yamuna expressway, sector 18, 19, 20, 22D, 17,

Interior Design Services

Our Interior Designers provide Full Home Interior Design services in Yamuna Expressway, be it Sector 17, Sector 19, Sector 18, Sector 20, 22D. We help design & Execute complete interior as per the need of our clients. Residential interior, Commercial interior, Office building interior, Showroom interior, Gym Interior, Restaurant interior, Cafe or Bar interior.

Why to get Completion from Shahwalia Architect in Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA)?

Shahwalia Architect is the first Design & Construction company to be established in Yamuna Expressway to provide its services at ease for our clients. 

We are expert Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors who are very well equipped to provide the following:-

  1. Approval from Yamuna expressway Industrial Development Authority for all kinds of plots, Residential, Commercial or Industrial.

  2. Construction services in Yamuna expressway sector 18 & Sector 20, under one banner & use best materials in the market & give best value to our client's investments.

  3. Interior Design services in sector 17, Sector 19, Sector 22D & soon to be coming sectors like Sector 18 & Sector 20. Our Interior Designers can make a house home.

  4. Use your Completion as your weekend get away from Citi & Pollution, our Architects in Yamuna expressway can design it in such a manner that it may give you vibes of a farmhouse.

  5. Full Construction is one way of doing it if you wish to invest only once and want to start living as it suits the conditions, then Shahwalia Architect is the right partner to chose to get the approval and for the construction in Yamuna Expressway(YEIDA).

Why to get completion in Yamuna Expressway(YEIDA)?

Completion in Yamuna expressway YEIDA

Although it is compulsory to do minimum construction as per the Building regulations 2010, YEIDA, The structure can also serve as a vacation home or weekend getaway from city & Pollution for the people living in Delhi & NCR regions. Our team of expert Architects in Yamuna expressway (YEIDA )Sector 18 & Sector 20, have come up with innovative ideas where completion structure can be used for Weekend Getaway Home.

Our Contractors in Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA) Sector 18 & Sector 20, can make structure where you can either use it for your own use or may be can rent it out in the near future as it is only land of opportunity.

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