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Why hire Architect in YEIDA?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Why need Architects for designing?

Plots in Yamuna Expressway be it from any sector developed by Authority or freehold, or other. the definition of the future of the region will be defined by the Architecture of buildings.

Its very simple to understand that a place is as luxury as its building, Land scaping. For which every building plays a major role. When multiple residential buildings are to be made then it some how become a completion to design & look. In most of the cases when people design their homes from any random internet photos then they usually get confused & end up spending a lot of money on Material & Labour.

It is always better to simply hire a professional Architect in YEIDA so you don't have to rely on false internet references & you will get the home well designed as you desired.

What to expect from your Architects?

Architecture services is a large subject that includes all the aspects of designing of a building.

But to understand it more easily it can be further divided into following:-


The stage of planning is very first step to design any building be it residential, commercial, industrial or any other. this includes developing Floor plans, Site plans, connectivity, circulation etc. Structure: The stage of structure defines the strength of the building. it includes individual designs of every Footing, column, beam slab & any other load bearing structure member. Building Elevation: It is the elevation of the house that makes the first impression on any body that looks at the building & they will makeup an image of the owner on the basis of first impression. It is very important to check Elevation design provided by your architects so you always create best impression on any one. Now days most architects provide 3D Designs for the front façade of the home for much better understanding. Service Drawings: Services in the plot such as Electrical, plumbing, etc. are some of the most needful designs that are absolutely necessary for a successful building. Well distributed wiring circuit makes sure you don't have to make changes to your home if and when technology changes & also make sure that your home is safe from any hazard. Whereas with the help of a good plumbing design we make sure there are no seepage or leakage in the building. Working Designs: If & when the design is ready, next step is to construct the building for which we need to develop Working drawings. These are a set of drawings which accommodate all the drawings & Dimensions of the plot & Planning. With the help of these drawings a labour or mason will know where to work?, what to make? & how much to make?. This set also include a set of Doors & Window.


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