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Shahwalia Architect

Planning & Architecture

Shahwalia Architect offers professional Planning & Architecture services for plots in Yamuna Expressway, YEIDA City. Our team of experts Architects in Yamuna expressway (YEIDA) use their Years of experience to provide high-quality Architectural Design services that are tailored to meet each client's individual needs.


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Why hire Shahwalia Architects in YEIDA, Noida, Greater Noida ?


Our Architects & Designers provide best of the options for your plots & for the renovation.

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If you are planning to make home or Office or Industry or any other building the first step is to have a good planning of the project, for this the best approach is to hire a professional who can assist you with all the details & can help you to invest only in correct materials.

Not only our professional architects in YEIDA city, Noida, Greater Noida will help you to save money but with the help of our design techniques we ensure least wastage of material & time.

What do we offer as Architectural Services?


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3D Designing & Visualization

Project Supervision

On-Site Discussion with our Architects to get the best understanding of the land & your needs.

Our Team of expert Architects provide best possible Floor plans for your home, Office, Commercial or industrial buildings.

With the help of best tools we help you visualize your building as realistic as possible.


Your Dream home is ready for you to live in!

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What are the minimum requirements for Completion in Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA)?

Minimum requirement for sanction / completion-- 40 sqm or 50 percent of maximum permissible ground coverage(whichever is more) with provisions of a functional toilet / bath and kitchen Provision of following items in building shall be mandatory for issue of occupancy certificate.

  1. Flooring;

  2. Electrical wiring whereas electrical fittings shall not be mandatory.

  3. Plumbing and fittings in at least one toilet and kitchen.

  4. Trees as per Table no. 6 or direction issued from time to time which ever is higher.

  5. Number plate.

  6. Boundary wall shall be mandatory.

  7. Internal and external finishing (Plastering and whitewashing shall not be mandatory).

  8. House shall be lockable i.e. all external doors and windows shall have to be provided with grill provided in the windows then fixing of glasses in the windows panes shall not be mandatory.

  9. No violation of Building Regulations, Zonal Plan Regulations and Master Plan should be there in the building at the time of issue of occupancy certificate.

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Why to get completion in Yamuna Expressway(YEIDA)?

It is necessary for allottee/ lessee to obtain completion from the authority within five years from the date of allotment or within 3 years from the due date of execution of lease deed whichever is later. In the event of failure to do so, allottee/ lessee shall be liable to pay administrative charges at the rate of 4%, 6% & 8% of the total premium for the extension of three consecutive years from the due date given from getting of the completion certificate. If the allottee/ lessee fails to obtain completion certificate within the extended time, action for cancellation of allotment & forfeiture of deposited money shall be taken(for better understanding refer to your Lease Deed).

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